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Our history has been marked by the effort, innovation and entrepreneurship of a human group that began in 1955 with simplicity, rigor and attachment to the local culture of the VI region, the dream of producing food for families in Chile and the world. .

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Supply The Best Organic Products Since 1985

Buy high-quality edible wheat flour for cooking directly from top wheat factory. Our company offers high quality wheat flour at competitive rates. We are the largest suppliers of cooking oil and we offer the best prices for bulk wheat flour


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Natural. Sustainable. Oil

Edible plant oil (EPO) is an indispensable nutritional resource for human health. Various cultivars of oil-bearing plants are grown worldwide, and the chemical compositions of different plant oils are diverse. The extremely complex components in oils lead to diverse standards for evaluating the quality and safety of different EPOs. The environment poses great challenges to the EPO safety and quality during the entire industrial chain, including plant cultivation, harvesting, oil processing, and storage. Additionally, we propose a whole-industrial-chain monitoring system instead of current single-link-monitoring approach by monitoring and tracking the quality and safety 

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