Whey Permeate

Whey permeate is released during the production of milk protein concentrates. Whey permeate powder is manufactured from fresh pasteurised skimmed cow’s milk. The protein is extracted from the skimmed milk by ultrafiltration. The remaining liquid milk permeates and is concentrated and dried.

It is also used in the food processing industry, for example for baked products, chocolate, milk beverages, sauces and ready meals.


White to yellowish colour, free flowing powder, typical milky taste and smell without foreign odour.


Biscuits, bakery, drinks, confectionery and other application where are favorable.


Reduction of cost, rich in lactose and mineral salts.


Product must be stored in a cool, dry place, at temperature below 25°C and relative humidity below 65%, product has a 2 years shelf life in the original packaging.


Four-layer paper bag with polythene inner bag, 25 kg net.

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